ClassQue Student View

This diescribes the student view of ClassQue.

When a student starts ClassQue, a window similar to the left window of Figure 1 appears. The center window shows the same student after a single query has been sent, and the right window corresponds to a survey. When a survey is active the student sinow has buttons labeled Prev and Next to move among the queries of the survey. The up and down arrow buttons in the lower left corner of the window can be used to change the size of the font.

Figure 1 Figure 1 Figure 1
Figure 1: The student at startup, after a single query, and after a survey.
As soon as a student clicks on a choice as in the second and third windows in Figure 1, the result is sent to the teachers. Figure 2 shows three other types of queries, an integer query, a freeform query, and a code query. For each of these, nothing is sent until either a return is pushed (for the integer query) or the Send button is pushed (for the freeform or code query). In each case the push prompt goes away after the response is sent.
Figure 1 Figure 1 Figure 1
Figure 2: Integer, freeform, and code queries.
Three student options in the teacher's window control the Request Help, Reviews, and Shares features. Each of these causes a corresponding button to appear in the student window. Figure 3 shows a student window after all three of these have been activated.
Figure 3
Figure 3: A student window with help, reviews, and shares active.
Pushing Request Help changes the button to No Help Needed and sends a help request message to the teachers. Shares are discussed in the Advanced Features section.

Pushing Create Review pops up a Review window similar the the first window in Figure 4. Pushing Get Answer to Review changes it as in the second window in Figure 4. A student must have already answered the question before a review can be requested. A student can also see the reviews that other student have given to his/her answer if the teacher allows this.

Figure 4 Figure 4 Figure 4: Two forms of the review window.