ClassQue Report Generator Configuration


This documents describes how to set up the ClassQue Report Generator.
The Report Generator is a program that allows you to interactively create, examine, save, and distribute Classque Reports.

The ClassQue Report Generator is a GUI that communicates with the ClassQue Master Server. With the appropriate cofiguration, it allows you to get a list of courses that use ClassQue, get a list of log files for a given course, choose a subset of these log files for creating reports, and finally, create, examine, save, and distribute reports based on the selected log file.

Before using the ClassQue Report Generator, you must set up the Classque Master Server.

The ClassQue Report Generator requires 3 configuration parameters: the name of the host running the master server, the port number used by the master server, and a password. The Master Server Password gives you access to all courses. A Teacher Password gives you access to all courses using that teacher password.

It is not necessary to provide any configuration when starting the program as you can enter this information when the program starts. If configuration information is entered, the GUI will display this information and allow you to change it before contacting the ClassQue Master Server.

General Configuration Information
The configuration information can be stored in a file whose default name is cqrgconfig.txt or the configuration infomation can be given on the command line.

The configuration file contains one option per line, each with a token indicating the option and a possible parameter.
A command line option consists of a token followed by a wing table lists the the available options. Tokens on the command line not matching one of the tokens given are interpreted as names of configuration files. Command line parameters that contain blanks must be surrounded by double quotes. The following table lists the the available options.

Option File Token Parameter Description
Portportinteger An integer giving the port number that programs will use to communicate with the ClassQue Master Server.
Passwordpasswordstring The password that will be sent to the master server. If this matches a teacher password, it grants access to those courses with that teacher password. If it matches the ClassQue Master Server Password, it grants access to all courses.
Severserverstring The name of the host running the ClassQue Master Server.
Configuration Fileconfigfilestring The name of a file containting configuration information. This option is only appropriate for use on the command line. If not given, the file cqrgconfig.txt will be used.

The report generator brings up a window which allows the user to change any of these configuration parameters. The program can be started without any configuration and the required values can be entered in the Report Generator window.

Starting the Report Generator

This program can be started from any network-connected machine. Most window systems allow you to run the program just be clicking on the program which is called classquereportgenerator.jar.

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