ClassQue Setup Overview

Before getting into the details of setting up ClassQue it is useful to look at the big picture.

Each course using ClassQue requires configuration of three programs:

The Master Server

Use of the master server is optional, but it is requried for report generation and also provides a number of useful features for use with the ClassQue Simulator.

The master server runs on the same host as the ClassQue Server and is meant to run all of the time. It is recommended that it be restarted each night. The master server keeps information about all of the courses that are using ClassQue.

The most important master server configuration includes:

Automatic Report Generation

The report creator can be run after the server for a particular course has completed. In can generate several kinds of reports and store them on the server or send them to the teacher or students through email. Typically it will be started as a cron job.

The most important report creator configuration includes:
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